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Where to Catch Muskie in Tennessee

Where to Catch Musky in Tennessee?

Tennessee has more Musky Water than you know!

While Melton Hill Musky Fishing might be the first or only thing that comes to mind when you think Tennessee Musky Fishing, the juggernaut that is Melton Hill isn't the only musky game in the state.

Center Hill Musky Fishing

Center Hill lake in mid TN, is a trophy class musky fishing experience like no other.

While Center Hill may look large on the map this lake fishes smaller than one would expect.

Shallow head waters, sand and timber on the ticket Center Hill lake musky anglers during the winter months. These patterns produce numerous trophy muskies every year out of Center Hill lake.

Collins River Musky Fishing

The Collins River is a prime musky water for anglers looking for small water with huge potential.

Collins River musky fishing nearly tailored to fly fishing with its many deep holes, winding turns, pools and eddies.

We offer Tennessee musky fly fishing trips on the Collins River. These trips are action packed with tons of follows and bites. Collins River Musky Fishing is an amazing Tennessee Musky Fishing experience year round.

Parksville Lake Musky Fishing

Parksville Lake is a Tennessee musky anglers dream. This deep timber lined lake is a mix of North and South. With it's rocky edges, islands and reefs it feels like a tiny taste of Canada.

But don't fret Parksville keeps it's Southern Musky Charm with timber lining every inch of this mountain musky gem.

While Tennessee has a few more musky waters up it's sleeve it's hard to pass up any of the waters listed above.

If you ready to plan your Tennessee Musky adventure give us a call.


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