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Tennessee Musky Fly Fishing

Musky Fly Fishing is the ultimate angling challenge.

Muskies have earned their reputation as the

"Fish of Ten Thousand Cast" for good reason, and most everything you have heard is true in regards to a muskies frustrating nature.

Their fickle nature and legendary elusiveness at times can be madding even on the best of days. But for those that are willing to do the work and suffer through hours of false casts and the endless ripping and stripping of musky sized flies the rewards are immeasurable. 

No Experience Required

Muskies don't take a resume, all it takes to land a musky on the fly  is a good attitude, patience and execution when it counts.

We specialize in Musky Fly Fishing trips for fly fishermen of all skill levels and provide musky flies, musky fly rods and all other equipment needed for your day on the water.

Under normal circumstances we are able to use medium sized Streamers, Bulk Heads and Bufords allowing for easier casting and presentations.

While these flies may be larger than what most fly fishermen are use to they are easily turned over and presented on our provided 10wt Musky Fly Rods.

Please contact us to discuss the many Tennessee Musky Fly Fishing trip options that we have available.

Swift rivers, small streams and large lakes are all possibilities to tangled with muskies on the fly.

We provide the flowing Musky Fly Fishing Equipment :

10 Weight Musky Fly Rods

Rio Floating & Intermediate Musky Fly Lines

Leaders & Leader making materials

A large variety of Musky Flies that are proven to work on Southern Waters.

If you have a 10wt or larger fly rod that your comfortable with please feel free to bring it along for your Musky Fly Fishing Guide trip. Under most circumstances we will be using a floating fly line.

We also recommend bringing a pair of stripping gloves.

Tennessee Musky Fly Fishing

Phone 1-715-513-7700


Tennessee Musky Fishing Inc. is fully licensed by the USCG and the State of Tennessee.Coast Guard Licensed Captain S.G.P

Tennessee Musky Fly Fishing

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