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Top Water Musky Fishing : Livingston Walking Boss II

If you’ve never fished a Livingston Lures Walking Boss II Magnum, let me just say this lure is like surface candy for muskies and big pike. You might be used to the superficial crawl of a wide selection of top water baits, but the Livingston Walking Boss II Magnum is just another animal. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on what makes this lure set the surface game on fire.

Livingston Lures brings a heavy load of innovation to all of their big game fish baits and the Walking Boss II Magnum is no exception. Equipped with Electronic Baitfish Sound Technology (EBS), flicking tail joint, and deep cup forward lip, this lure really can’t be beat when it comes to creating a massive surface disturbance and it will never go unnoticed.

The key to mastering the Walking Boss II Magnum is utilizing this tool in the conditions and manner it was designed for. The Walking Boss II Magnum works best at a medium speed over calm or flat water. Using a straight retrieve, you can find your optimum cranking speed by listening for loud plops. These plops are generated by the massive front lip as it scuttles across the surface, creating this maximum sound is crucial to success. While anglers are cranking away to produce surface tension plops, the Livingston Walking Boss II Magnum is making waves underwater with big game fish by using EBS technology to mimic the sounds of their prey. Thrown in the mix is the constant clicking of the tail joint and you have an unstoppable fish catching machine.

There are two methods to initiating strikes once you get your optimum water disturbance speed. Large game fish will follow out of interest, but what they really want is a change in tempo to trigger strikes, and trust me, surface strikes are where it’s at! To trigger game fish, it’s recommended to take a brief pause or add a small burst of speed, during the follow. The Walking Boss II Magnum excels in blow up surface strikes with 3X Strong VMC hooks to guarantee a bullet proof hook-set.

If you are on the hunt for trophy game fish, like musky and Northern pike, get a hold of a Livingston Lures Walking Boss II Magnum. They are a little over 8” in size, perfect for large predators, and they really make an amazing top water commotion to force strikes like no other surface lure. The Walking Boss II Magnum has put some monster Tennessee Muskies in my net and is my got to top water when the bite is hot or I need to call up a predator that is lurking deep.

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