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Tennessee Musky Season

Tennessee Musky Season


I am often asked “When is Musky Season in Tennessee” and simply put the answer is, we don’t have a season. Tennessee is currently open for musky year-round. While this might be an exciting revelation for some, educated and responsible musky anglers know it is a double-edged sword. The months of July and August are simply too hot to responsibly target muskies in Tennessee. While a few bodies of water might sneak just under the 80-degree mark in these months depending on rain fall and damn releases muskies caught during this time frame are still subjected to intense ambient air temperatures upon capture and release.

With confirmed and sustained natural reproduction of muskies in most if not all of Tennessee’s muskie waters it is incumbent upon anglers to currently self-regulate their impact on this precious resource. While some may be tempted to target muskies in Tennessee during July and August it is simply irresponsible from a conservation standpoint and many other angling opportunities are available for the recreational angler. If you have the desire to target muskies in the months of July and August opportunities abound in the upper mid-west and Canada.

With Tennessee muskies being self-sustaining with little to no funding allocated to stocking giving them a break when warm weather and hot water sets in is the only logical and responsible thing to do.


A good rule of thumb is to not target muskies when the surface temperature of a body of water exceeds 80 degrees. This is due to a lack of dissolved oxygen in the upper water column which greatly stresses muskies and maximizes the occurrence of instant and delayed mortality.

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