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Collins River Musky Fishing

Collins River Musky Fishing

The Collins River cuts through middle Tennessee delivering unbelievable musky fishing action reminiscent of northern waters.

The Collins is tailor made for Tennessee Musky Fly Fishing with it's numerous pockets, pools and winding turns. Collins River muskies seem to be around every turn making for some very serious action days. You can expect more than your fair share of follows and strikes in the Collins as the muskies here are aggressive and numerous which is a god send for those of us willing to throw monster sized flies.

Collins River Musky Fishing is prime in the spring and fall but is still highly productive during winter months. During the winter months larger fly presentations and hard baits excel. We generally target shallow muskies but it would be foolish to pas up on the deeper inside bends and holes the Collins River has to offer.

Collins River Musky Guide


Collins River Musky Fishing

Tennessee Musky

Middle Tennessee Musky

Collins River Musky Fly Fishing

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