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Cheap Musky Rods

Budget Musky Rods

Cheap Musky Rods

While the words cheap and musky rarely go together fear not there are some musky rod options for budget minded musky anglers when they are in need of a new musky rod. With advancements in rod building technology and automation numerous musky rod options are available in 2024 that can fit any budget and get you one step closer to landing the musky for a lifetime. With a tight budget for a new musky rod in mind lets look at the best options available for a quality musky rod that will hold up to the rigors of musky fishing.


Shield Rod

The Musky Shop Shield rod is the highest priced musky rod on the list of budget friendly musky rod options. The Shield Rod stands out against budget friendly options but hits well above its weight and is comparable of not superior to far more expensive musky rods. The Shield Rod is available in lengths from 7 foot to 9 foot 6 inches. The 9-foot six-inch model goes toe to toe with custom build rods that cost hundreds of dollars more. The advantage that a longer heavy-duty musky rod can bring to your game is its ability to produce huge figure eights boat size. The Shield Rod series is telescoping on the longer models allowing them to be stored easily in your boats rod locker or transported in your car.

If you musky fishing budget can handle the price tag of the Shield Rod you won’t be disappointed as your are getting a rod that is built to last a lifetime.

Shield Rod 9 foot and 9 foot 6 models are $249.99


Shimano Compre

The Compre musky rod from Shimano is offered in a few different lengths from 8 feet to 9 foot 9 models. The Compre is very affordably priced at $169.99 and features a full cork grip and a Fuji reel seat. While this rod is very budget friendly the grip below the reel seat is a bit on the small side. If you are accustomed to large trigger on your musky rods the Compre might disappoint. However, if you pal your reel during the majority of your musky casting the Compres smaller trigger grip shouldn’t be an issue at all. The Compre musky rods are light and have plenty of sensitivity for feeling the blades turn on even the smallest crank baits. Pairing this budget friendly musky rod with any low-profile bait cast will get you out on the water chasing toothy critters.


Okuma EXV-B Musky Rod

Checking in at a jaw dropping $129.99 this Okuma musky rod is cheap! But don’t for a second think that this isn’t a serious musky rod with a price tag that is so low. I have personally fished the EVX-B and was impressed by how well it handled big musky lures. This rod features a split cork grip and is telescoping for easy storage. Similar to the budget Shimano rods the Okuma has a small trigger under the reel seat that can be a bit underwhelming but again if you are a reel palmer this is no issue. The only other down side of this rod is that it isn’t very well balanced as it can seem a little bit weight forward, but keep in mind this is in comparison to higher end musky rods and isn’t necessarily a negative. I would mention how durable this budget musky rod feel and I was able to land a couple trophy class muskies while testing out this model and it performed very well.


While musky lures, rods and reel seem to always carry a hefty price tag this group of rods is guarantee to surpass your expectations of what a budget friendly musky rod would be. Pair any of these rods with a budget friendly musky reel and you can fearlessly peruse the biggest muskies on the planet. Good luck on the water and keep in mind your can have a tight line even on a tight budget.



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