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Center Hill Musky Fishing

Center Hill lake a hot bed for Tennessee Musky

Center Hill Lake is located in middle Tennessee – essentially central to Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Contained mostly in DeKalb County, the lake also travels into some small parts of Putnam and White County. Originally created in 1948 by a dam constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Center Hill Lake stretches 64 miles covering an area of 18,220 mostly undeveloped acres. With roughly 415 miles of shoreline and easy-rolling ridge tops, Center Hill Lake is known as a well-preserved and peaceful sanctuary.

Major tributaries of Center Hill lake include the Caney Fork River and the Falling Water River.

Finding a musky on Center Hill with it's staggering size may seem like an intimidating proposition for many anglers but this Mid Tennessee Musky gem fishes smaller than one might think. With it's healthy population of walleye patterning Center Hill musky can be quite easy.

As walleye make their moves to spawn opportunistic musky follow and conversely when Center Hill walleye move deep this pattern persists.

Tennessee musky anglers looking for musky sucess on Center Hill need to focus on structural elements that transition to deeper areas. These transitional areas allow for muskies to stage at mid depth while they predate on walleyes caught up in their daily movements. While other forage is available for musky on Center Hill lake this walleye movement is the key to consistent sucess.

With walleye being the staple forage base lure size becomes a key consideration.

Large gliders, Bull Dawgs and other musky sized soft plastics excel on Center Hill lake.

Bigger always seems to be better when targeting muskies that generally feed on larger forage.

Center Hill Musky Guide


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