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Southern Musky Fishing

Tennessee Musky Fishing

&  Musky Fly Fishing


Tennessee Musky Guide

Musky fishing in Tennessee and other Southerns waters is a unique angling experience. Whether you are an experience musky angler using casting gear or are up for the challenge of musky fly fishing Southern Musky Fishing is an experiance you will not soon forget. Tennessee is the perfect place to target muskies year round. It's deep cool reservoirs and amazingly fertile streams and rivers are the perfect habitat for Southern musky.

Where to catch muskie in Tennessee.

Clinch River Musky Fishing. Best Musky Fishing Tennessee.

Fly Fishing for musky in Tennessee. Tennessee Rivers. Oak Ridge Musky Fishing. Tennessee Musky Lakes. Southern Musky Fishing.


A Unique Adventure

From casting buck tails and bull dawgs to the finesse of fly fishing Southern waters are the premier trophy class musky destination. 


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Tennessee Musky Fishing Inc. is fully licensed by the USCG and the State of Tennessee.

Coast Guard Licensed Captain S.G.P

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